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  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Audio Visual
  • Staging
  • Rigging
  • Media
  • Back Line
  • Décor
  • Catering & Bar
  • Venue
  • Project & Artist Management
  • Concept Development
Sound. Audio Purity - Loud and Clear.

EventPro can stage crystal-clear productions that showcase your product or service to any size audience – we can create an intimate ambiance for 11 folk or pump it up if the occasion calls for a stadium of 80 000 people.

This is due to our exclusive use of the recognised industry-leading sound equipment – Meyer Sound, a brand that delivers a sound so pure and renowned it’s used by Celine Dion, the Sydney Opera House, Ricky Martin and indie faves, the Dave Matthews Band. If you were to attend one of our events you’d catch a glimpse of this gear, out of sight this is backed up by our inventory of sound ( control) desks, individual microphones, backline, monitors, DJ gear, playback gear, recording systems and conference mic systems.

Lighting – Stunningly Impactful or Appropriately Underplayed.

EventPro’s experience is that seeing is believing. Whatever the size of your event we have the lighting rig and expertise to make your product or service shine. Lighting is all about creating or enhancing a mood, a tone, a feeling and to bolster this aspect of your production we have a huge variety of lighting equipment – Martin intelligent lighting fixtures, standard par fixtures, more conventional theatre lighting, various LED fixtures and the more familiar hazers, smoke and control gear.

As we maintain, whatever your event, EventPro is more than equipped to put your brand not only front and centre but in the spotlight.


Audio/ Visual – Geared To Enhance With Eye And Ear Stopping Versatility.

To bolster our firmly-held belief that seeing is believing EventPro can generate many special effects to grab either the eyes or ears of your audience. This is, technically, thanks to our stock of plasma screens, projectors, switches and image manipulation gear, specialised DVD players, laptops, cameras and vision mixers being added to the mix. Plus we have a raft of LED screens of various sizes, for outdoor use, day or night.


Staging – On The Surest Of Footing.

In every sense, EventPro measure up to meet the exacting demands of you, your audience, any number of artists and those all-important Health and Safety Regulations. Past staging experience shows us that events and venues vary radically in size and we ensure, by custom design, that your production fits the bill.

Besides the in-house ability to custom-design we have a plethora of hoists, backdrops, stage flattage, dressing room configurations, a huge variety of backdrops, numerous rails, mirrors, as well as those all-important generators, specialised crowd-control fencing, marquees, tables and chairs. EventPro is able to make any venue look like it was tailor-made to house your production.

We also acknowledge that Safety is all. Therefore each and every piece of our structures are certified and conform to Government Health and Safety regulations.


Rigging – The Support That Makes It All Hang Together.

Without the right support and no matter how basic the production, nothing gets off the ground. To guarantee your event receives the correct support EventPro is geared, with motorised and hand hoists, slings, d-shackles, trussing and various customised structures, to put your production on the soundest of footings. And all these devices are regularly serviced and inspected to meet the highest of safety standards.

Other Media – Rounding Out The Package.

To ensure that the created perceptions endure, we’re well-placed to help you produce any other material - e.g invites, cards, brochures; of any size and quantity – as part of our total perception package.

The Backline – Instruments Of Your Success.

Besides having all the equipment and expertise to ensure the successful staging of your event, we can also supply the equipment to front an entire band e.g. drum kits, percussion kits, keyboards, guitars, amps and bass amps, in fact any other piece the production may call for. Plus we can back them with all the necessary ‘teccies’ to deliver an ultra-crisp sound by their monitoring and regulating of the instruments.

Décor & Draping – Dressing up the right address.

By drawing on our extensive experience and in-house inventory, this is how we start to bring your theme to life. This aspect of our service guarantees that not only the stage looks great but everything, or everywhere, from the entrance to the place settings, single-mindedly mirror your production’s theme. Here we’re talking about the centrepieces, table settings, backdrops and drapes to round off your presentation.

Catering & Bar Services – Again, expertise and flair on a plate.

The food and drink you serve should perfectly compliment your event. True, we’re not a catering company but we have worked with specialist caterers that know how to serve up that unique flavour to your audience. Our experience shows us that events may call for ‘flair’ bar staff, cocktail bartenders, waitrons, fire blowers, menus that cater for every taste and time of day or more basic fare like finger platters and buffets.

Venues – Virtually all The Country . . . And The World’s A Stage.

We not only lay on the ‘what’ but we can also suggest the ‘where’, thanks to our extensive international database. It starts with its epicentre in Johannesburg and radiates beyond borders. Irrespective of your theme we ensure that the venue, for a corporate team-building exercise, for instance, measures up.
Project & Artist Management – The Voices, And Faces, Of Your Event.

We have widespread experience in the booking, handling and direction of ‘talent’ – who, for however long, will be the visible face of your brand. Speak to us about sourcing the right artist to act as your MC or DJ, perhaps the event calls for a band? Trust us to unearth the right talent to hit the right note.

Conceptual Development – It All Starts With An Idea.

OK, you have a vision for your product or service, now let us make that a reality. All we ask is to be briefed regarding the natureof your product or service, the tone, the specific occasion you’re looking for and let us do the rest. We’re more than well–equipped to craft andshape acomprehensively impactful event.Once we have the approved, initial idea, well, it’s relatively simple, everything else hangs off this.