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Welcome to our 24Hour Salesman


About You:

Contact Name:
Contact Tel No:
Contact Email:

About Event:

Event Name:
Event Type:
Audience Size:
Audience Layout:
Internal/External Audience:
Purpose of Event:
Dress Code:

Supply for Event:


About the Infrastructure:

Audio Visual: Is the event space at ground level?     
Artist Management: If not how is it accessed?
Bar Services:
Catering: Is there any venue access restrictions? Door size restrictions/corridor width restrictions.
Decor & Draping:
Entertainment: Power: What is the type, quality and position of the power supplies?
Project Management: Rigging: What is the type,layout and capacity of the rigging points?
Sound: Storage: Is there equipment and case storage within or near the event space?
Staging: Pyrotechnic & Smoke: Does the venue have any restrictions or special requirements regarding smoke?

About technical production & sound:

Microphones: How many wired microphones do you require?
Music Playback: If music is to be played, have you choosen tracks/artists?     
Live band: Are there live audio links to other rooms or venues? (Teleconferencing)     
Recording: Is a audio recording required? If so what format?     
Live Links: Are there live audio links to other rooms or venues? (Teleconferencing)     


Stage Lighting: Is the stage lighting fixed position/colour or are movement/colour changes required?
House Lighting: Is the venue lighting easily controllable or does it need replacing?
Followspots: Are followspots required?     
Architectual Lighting: Are their any architechtural features or areas that need lighting?     
External Lighting: Is there any external lighting required?     
Gobo's: Are godo's required? Do you have artwork?     
Specials: Are any particular lighting effects or cues required that need any additional equipment?
Photography: Are any photographs or videos being shot? If so where abouts and does it require additional lighting?


Single Screen: Will a single screen be enough?     
Multi Screens: If multiple screens are used will they show the same content at all times?     
Widescreens: Would widescreen format work for this event?     
Custom Screens: Are special ratio or shaped screens required?     
Graphics: Are graphics required? Do they exist? Who is producing them? Is there a template? Do brand quidelines exist?
Video Playback: Is video playback required? Does footage exist? What formats screens ratios are used?
Live Camaras: Is live camaras required?     


Set Requirements: Does a stage design or theme exist?     
Stage Requirements: How many people or props are on the stage? How many levels?
Backstage Facilities: Is presenters green rooms, models changing rooms & rehearsal space required?
Audience Access to Stage: Will the audience require access to the stage?     
Presenters Access to Stage: Do the presenters access from the audience or from backstage?     
Disabled Access to Stage: Is wheelchair access required or an other special requirements?